Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


July 8-10, 14-17, 2011


Community Players Theatre

A Theatre for Young People Production


“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is Roald Dahl’s much loved story of five children who find “Golden Tickets” that provide entry to Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory. Their unique tour brings out both the best and the worst in the children and their parents.

Story by Roald Dahl
Adapted for the stage by Richard R. George


Historian’s Corner

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Preview (Curtain Calls 7.2, July 2011.)

The Theater for Youth production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” came about when the originally scheduled “Annie Get Your Gun” was unable to be produced. It was decided that in place of the musical, a children’s play would be held. Other than the royalties for the production, the staff was able to build the set and find the make-up and costumes for no costs at all. The two week run ended in a profit of $4,000.00 for the theatre.