Catch Me If You Can


December 1-2, 4-9, 1967


Community Players Theatre


“Catch Me If You Can” tells the story of an advertising man who has brought his bride to his boss’ mountain lodge for a honeymoon but has to call in the local police to investigate his wife’s sudden disappearance. Enter a pretty, young girl who insists, over his protests, that she is the missing wife. A priest backs up her story. A funny, little man who owns a delicatessen enters and before you know it, there are two murders at the isolated lodge.

Authors: Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert

Historian’s Corner

“Catch Me If You Can” was the directing debut for Dan Gehrt. Dan had been a part of Community Players since 1962 with the production of “The Desperate Hours” in which he played the leading part of Glenn Griffin, the escaped murderer. Dan became the President of Community Players for the 1968-1970 seasons. Dan’s last active show was in the 1973 production of “What Did We Do Wrong?” In 1982, after an absence of nine seasons, Dan returned to Players in the role of Mr. Jordan in the comedy-fantasy, “Heaven Can Wait”.