December 20, 1926


Bloomington High School Auditorium


“Candida” a comedy by George Bernard Shaw takes place in the parsonage of the Reverend James Morell, a Christian Socialist minister. Morell’s wife Candida returns home accompanied by an 18 year old poet, Eugen Marchbanks, whom Morell has rescued from the streets. Once alone, Marshbanks confesses to Morell that he is in love with Morell’s wife. Candida senses her husbands growing discomfort on the subject of Marchbanks. By teasing Morell, Candida ends up reinforcing Morell’s insecurities about his both his marriage and vocation. After reconsidering the cancellation of a speaking engagement, Morell decides to leave Candia alone with Marchbanks. Upon spending the evening alone and reading poetry, Marchbanks senses Candida is bored with the verses. As he is about to declare his love Candida, Morell returns home. Morell insists that Candida choose between them, so Candida asks each man to make his case for her. She realizes that Morell is the weaker of the two, and therefore is more deserving of her love.

Author George Bernard Shaw

Historian’s Corner

Reverend Rupert Holloway spoke on George Bernard Shaw at the Association of Commerce assembly room to Players members. In his talk, Reverend Holloway illustrated his discussion of Shaw by using the play “Candida.” Rev. Holloway provided the same service to Community Players before the presentation of “Beyond the Horizon” during Players’ first season.