January 12-14, 17-21, 1967


Community Players Theatre


“Biography” is a sophisticated exploration of the culture of celebrity. Marion Froude leaves home for New York and becomes a popular portrait painter, living in a sensational Bohemian lifestyle in ‘decadent’ Manhattan. Enter Dickie Kurt, a magazine editor hungry to publish her autobiography. Her former lover, “Bunny” Nolan fears any such thing would jeopardize his chances for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Together with Marion’s father, he brings influence to kill the story, which eventually Marion burns, leaving her to pursue her career and life in casual contentment.

Author: S. N. Behrman

Historian’s Corner

With the opening on January 12th of “Biography,” an article appeared in The Pantagraph on January 15th, giving a brief overview of the history of Community Players from 1923 to 1967, now celebrating its 44th continuous season.