Another Part of the Forest


January 13 & 14, 1949


Scottish Rite Temple


“Another Part of the Forest” is a precursor to Lillian Helleman’s “The Little Foxes.” The play takes place in the 1880’s. Marcus Hubbardd, rich, despotic, and despised made a fortune during the Civil War by running blockades (and worse). In his family life, he is equally injurious: one son, Ben, he bulldozes, while the other son, Oscar, he holds in contempt for his frailty. By Marcus’s side stands his mentally deranged wife, Lavinia, and finally, there is Regina, the adored daughter who is amoral, conniving, and as beautiful as an evil flower. Marcus, it would seem, has been on the top of the heap long enough and someone must depose him. We now see a Southern family’s descent into wickedness and corruption.

Author: Lillian Hellman

Historian’s Corner

Jim Ryan plays the part of Marcus Hubbard, the patriarch of the Hubbard family in “Another Part of the Forest.” Jim was the only cast member to have also appeared in “The Little Foxes” where he played the weak son, Oscar back in 1943. “Another Part of the Forest” is a prequel to Hellmen’s “The Little Foxes.”