A Little Journey


November 11, 1924


Bloomington High School Auditorium


Set entirely on a westbound train over the course of a four-day trip, A Little Journey tells the story of Julie Rutherford, a proud but broken young woman who believes things cannot possibly get any worse-until disaster strikes. In the grand tradition of travelogues, it showcases an eccentric and charming array of passengers: there’s the auburn-topped lady from New York, excruciatingly funny in her ultra-sophistication and yet human; there are two college lads, awkward, yet lovable; the sweet young girl, traveling with her deaf grandma; the self-centered plutocrat who travels in the drawing room; an unmarried mother; Jim West, the big hearted Westerner; and Julie Rutherford, the girl who finds real life after having been hedged about and bound by conventions and traditions. Julie’s down on her luck, and Jim is a lonely rancher who’s survived his own troubled life journey. Jim falls in love, but Julie falls deeper into despair, until a dangerous detour gives them an unexpected chance at happiness.

Author: Rachel Crothers

Historian’s Corner

A Little Journey was the runner-up for the 1918 Pultizer Prize in Drama. Rachel Crothers based her play on a real life incident. In 1913, a young lady, while traveling, had lost her purse. She was helped out by a gentleman who paid for her $19.50 train ticket from Elmira, New York, to Chicago. Years later this man was repaid one hundred dollars for each dollar he had spent helping this young woman.