A Delicate Balance


February 14-15, 17-21, 1969


Community Players Theatre


The winner of the 1967 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, “A Delicate Balance” tells the story of a wealthy middle-aged couple, Agnes and Tobias, who have their complacency shattered when long-time friends Harvey and Edna appear at their doorstep, claiming that an encroaching “fear” has forced them from their own home. These neighbors bring a firestorm of doubt, recrimination, and ultimately solace, upsetting the ‘delicate balance’ of Agnes and Tobias’ household.

Author: Edward Albee

Historian’s Corner

With the exception of one cast member, the cast of “A Delicate Balance” had strong ties to Illinois Wesleyan University. Performer Shari Eubank, from Farmer City and a IWU senior, would soon go on to become a professional model and have a short film career in the late 60’s and 70’s.

The “Nostalgia” section in the program covered two decades, the 1934-1944 and 1945-1955. “A Delicate Balance” had a much smaller cast and could accommodate both decades.