Lindi Rardin

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Lindi Rardin (Trixie the Elf) is an 8th-grader at Chiddix Junior High School where she is involved in Choir, Drama Club, and Student Council. She has been in several school plays, but this is her first musical production; it won’t be her last as she loves musical theatre! When not in school or school activities, Lindi enjoys hanging out with friends, singing show tunes, or sipping a Starbucks Pink Drink! She has two annoying yet loveable older brothers, Nate and Jay, and a feisty cat, Maya. Lindi would like to thank her friends and extended family for their support, her brothers for pushing her to try new things, and her parents, Andy and Amy, for always believing in her. She reminds you to spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all can hear!


Elf The Musical