Carrie Anna Courtad

Show Bio

Carrie Anna Courtad (House Manager) is pleased to be on the staff in her first show with CPT. This is also her first of any show in over 25+ years that doesn’t involve one of her children. Carrie Anna received her BS in theatre from ISU and worked professionally in Chicago and London. She was a production and stage manager for London’s First One Person Play Festival for a fringe theatre and had an internship at the Royal Court Theatre. In Chicago, she also took classes at Second City and was a stage manager for Bailiwick Theatre. She retired from theatre to pursue her master’s degree and later her PhD in Special Education. She was a special education classroom teacher for six years in Austin, Texas then in Michigan. She is currently a professor in the Department of Special Education at Illinois State. She’d like to thank Cristen and Ashleigh for being so encouraging and for her husband Jim for his support.