Cally Grey

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Cally Grey (she/her) (Annie/Ensemble) is so happy to be performing again at CPT! This will be her fifth show at Community Players, the last one being Newsies. This will be her second performance in Mary Poppins, the 1st time being her senior year of high school at NCHS in 2018. She is excited to share the stage again with her now husband, Carson Grey! She works at Heart of Illinois OB/GYN as a clinical tech and she lives in Bloomington. She is so thankful for the support of her amazing husband, family, and friends during this busy time in her life. She can't wait to perform and make memories with the wonderful and talented cast and crew of Mary Poppins! SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOIS!


Newsies (2023)

Spot Conlon, Newsie Ensemble

Mary Poppins



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